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TOTO Neorest LS: Pure Luxury, Quality and Comfort

TOTO Neorest LS: Pure Luxury, Quality and Comfort

TOTO stands out for its exceptional technology and consistent performance. Globally recognized for sleek and modern designs, TOTO toilets complement a variety of bathroom styles.

The Neorest LS elevates the bathroom experience from the moment you approach. The automatic lid opens in a welcoming gesture, while the sleek lines and modern design seamlessly complement any style.

The user indulges in ultimate comfort with personalized features like an integrated bidet with adjustable settings and a built-in dryer, reducing reliance on toilet paper.

TOTO offers sustainable style: The Neorest LS not only pampers but also respects the environment. Choose between a 0.8 or 1.0-gallon dual flush system for water conservation.

  • Integrated WASHLET Technologies with Personalized Cleansing: Provides a refreshing and customizable cleansing experience.
  • Heated Seat and Drier: offers ultimate comfort with a warm seat and built-in dryer that add more luxury experience.
  • Deodorizing Technology: The self-cleaning technology elevates the hyginic level to the maximum and block the unwanted bathroom odors.
  • Sleek and Modern Design: Enhances the bathroom’s aesthetics with a seamless and stylish addition.

Nabina Ceramic is proud to be the exclusive distributor of TOTO in Qatar for four decades.

Nabina Ceramic … Where Quality in EVERYTHING!

Find nearest Nabina Ceramic Showrooms OldAirport or Gharafa.

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