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MARAZZI “THE TOP” Slabs: 4 Elegant Ways

MARAZZI “THE TOP” Slabs: 4 Elegant Ways

MARAZZI “The Top” line, a fine collection of large-size porcelain stoneware slabs specially designed for the creation of tops, backsplashes, tables, doors and infinite tailor-made furnishing options for residential and commercial locations.

The innovative collection of 12mm thick and more, large-format porcelain tiles, available in sizes up to a remarkable 320×160 cm. Engineered for ultimate usability and crafted with uncompromising quality, MARZZI empowers you to create breathtaking spaces that redefine style and functionality. With 3 types of finishes (Matte, Glossy, and Glazed) made with the highest-known technologies, MARZZI has also won dozens of standards certificates. Available for the first time in Qatar at Nabina Ceramics.

Kitchen Designs, Redefined:

Imagine a kitchen countertop that transcends expectations. MARZZI’s 12mm thickness provides exceptional durability, making it ideal for busy kitchens. Heat, scratches, and stains become a distant memory as you revel in the effortless beauty and easy maintenance of MARZZI porcelain.

Bathroom Basin Countertops Like Never Before:

Experience unparalleled luxury and seamless design with Marazzi Large Porcelain Slabs. MARZZI’s large slabs redefine the bathroom experience. Marazzi THE TOP slabs are ideal for free, innovative contemporary design, combining style, malleability and a captivating sensation of aesthetic continuity, with outstanding performance in terms of stability, resistance to water and moisture, durability and hygiene.

Furnishing In Its Best with THE TOP Slaps:

Marazzi slabs are suited to the creation of a potentially infinite range of furnishing elements, surfaces, and other custom solutions in residential, commercial, and public locations, such as stores, premises dedicated to catering, socializing, entertainment, and workplaces. Technological innovation and wide-ranging design cater to the most ambitious contemporary interior design projects.

Wall or Floor? Move to the Next Level with Marazzi Slabs:

A Symphony of Designs. THE TOP collection by MARZZI isn’t limited to the above. The expansive format allows for seamless transitions across walls and floors, creating unified and luxurious indoor and outdoor spaces.

MARZZI at Nabina Ceramic in Qatar offers a captivating selection of designs, from the timeless allure of marble to the contemporary elegance of natural wood. Each large slab is a unique work of art, meticulously crafted to capture nature’s essence and deliver exceptional performance.

Tell us in the comment box, which way would you use them (Kitchens, Bathrooms, Furnishing or Tiling)

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