About Us

Why Choose us

Perfect Design

Your residence is the first impression you make to gusts. You want an image that will represent your home or office within seconds of people viewing it.

Our talented designers will bring your image to life, creating solutions that will project your residence image with creativity- artistry, that inspires, persuades and captures the hearts and minds of your guests.

Advanced Equipment

Tools and equipments are particularly important in construction work. They are primarily used to put things together, in Nabina we use the latest and most advanced equipment’s, that will provide perfect fitment while minimizing the time frame for work to be done.


Nabina ceramic surpasses all competition when it comes to providing outstanding and prompt customer service.

We understand the value of your time, both personal and professional. That’s why we at Nabina ceramic know the importance of providing our clients with fast, efficient service and quality products that reflect both you and your residence.

Our History

The history of Nabina stretches over half a century on prominent trade and economy, A journey by the late Mohammed Ibrahim Nabina and pursued by his sons, Ahmed, Ibrahim and Abdul Aziz together with his grandsons.

Since 1951, Nabina has sought to contribute to the advanced lifestyles of the society based on spirit of service that inspires the provision of high quality products.

The Nabina Group constantly ensures customer trust and satisfaction with commitment to quality and service along it’s several branches with the motto: “All requirements for a modern home under one roof”.

Nabina’s personnel have strongs aspirations: pooling their expertise and knowledge add new value to customers lives enhancing their trust and
providing core attention in their activities.

Nabina has the largest showrooms for ceramics and sanitary wares in the country. Our displays allow customer to experience our products providing solid images of comfortable choices of colors, textures, their arrangements and styles. The place also fosters ceramic and sanitary wares live models which helps customers match and compare their tastes of styles. Nabina has a wide range of international brands as Gianni Versace, Gardenia, Saloni, Kludi, Toto, RAK Ceramics, Laticrete, American specialties and so on. The brands represent items as sanitary wares, bathrom accessories, mixers, tile adhesives, grouts and waterproofing materials.

From a global perspective, Nabina Ceramic makes available world class brands in all ceramics and sanitary wares.

Nabina Ceramic has opened it’s second showroom in Doha next to the
passport office in Gharafa.